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Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
into a good movie. >> do you have any plans on expanding beyond the u.s. for instance if to europe [inaudible] thank you. >> international coverage is really interesting. i think that we are trying every single print issue of the magazine in at least a couple times a week to always have international content in the next. so we have had reported pieces from venezuela or we had someone embedded in afghanistan and we ran up peace in the last two issues on that so it's really important. the question just from the business standpoint is the economics that more often than not it works best for us to work with freelance reporters contributing for us in "the new york times" as well so we can get the content in the magazines but we don't have the bureau in paris or coal or something like that -- kabul or something like that that is the key to having a broad magazine in the future. >> are you going to make it weekly again? >> i don't think so. we don't have any plans to. it was hysterically, the previous ownership brought it down to buy a weekly. when i first bought the magazine i was a little skeptica
Feb 19, 2013 10:00am PST
of parades and shows across california and the u.s. >> we've even had 'em at the indianapolis car races, and they've--they handled that well. they even had a car go by 'em at 150 miles an hour, uh--and-- and stood up to all of that. and they handle helicopters, sirens, uh, air horns. uh, they're very solid horses. >> john, who grew up on a farm, has been raising draft horses for about 30 years. >> we were looking for a--some new horse to work with in the future, and we'd read about the american cream draft horse, and the pro--the only problem was everybody said phey were extinct, there weren't any left. so i spent about a year looking and finally found a horse up in oregon. they are doing well. we have about 500 horses in the breed right now, uh, and the numbers are on the rise, so, uh, when we get around 1,000 horses, we're gonna feel very secure. the breed, uh, what's unique about 'em is the eye color. look at the eyes on the horse. they're amber eyes, like a signal light, and itÃunique to the breed. uh, the entire breed has amber eyes. >> [cheering] >> well, they're beautiful. they
FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
. and former u.s. army ranger jack murphy and former navy seal brandon web and on the floor of our studio we projected a map of benghazi ap before this, we're going through a timeline of the events of that night. good to sigh both. >> thank you for having us. >> sean: and this is important because we're seeing that events that we don't know about could have precip kated these attacks, a good summary. >> accurate. >> sean: and start with the timeline. >> it began at 9:40 at night and initiated with rpg's hitting the consulate the temporary facility we call now the consulate. at that point the local militia guards were unarmed, they fleed, they were only armed with bats, essentially when they see the mob coming they cut and run. attackers breached the main gate and overcome the compound and at this point ambassador stevens is going into the safe room inside the consulate and dss agents are retrieving tactical gear and making a call up higher to say they're getting hit. by 10:05, what you have-- >> it i stop you there, for those who said it was in retaliation for a youtube video and a spontaneo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)